Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lovelife: Day 4 Heavy Luggages

Hey people!!! i am back for another lovelife challenge. i'm sorry i havent been updating this blog for some time because i just came back from a vacation in china. only now i've found the time to blog up some challenges that i did and some lesson that i have learned throughout the trip. :)

anyway, coming back to lovelife challenge day 4. this time i am going to talk about heavy luggages! y?hmmmm.. i guess this is something that most of us will overlook but as i was going back from perth to kl, and then flying from kl to beijing and coming back from beijing to perth. i have seen ppl carrying alot of huge luggages around! especially for those that came back from china or something because they would SHOP SHOP SHOP SHOP and SHOP, thus accumulating a huge and heavy luggage!

when i am talking bout huge and heavy luggages. I mean HUGE and HEAVY! so, i've decided to help carry these luggages for some of the random strangers that i met.

as i was leaving from perth back to kl, i saw this group of malay aunties, taking their huge shopping bags, filled with nougats and stuff, walking down the stairs to the departure lounge. as i was walking past, minding my own wa, in my hear i felt like i SHOULD help them as they do seem to need some manly help. yet i was telling myself that they can handle it on their own and i can continue to mind my own business.

so as i tried to walk past, one of the old malay aunties actually asked me if i can help her. so, in the end i helped her to carry her huge bag of souvenirs down the stairs. as i was helping her, i felt a tinge of guilt in my heart for not being initiative in helping the old auntie. so while i was walking down, i saw another old malay auntie struggling to drag her bag of souvenirs down as well. so i stopped and asked if i can help her to carry it down. she agreed and i was holding 2 big bags of shopping bag down the staircase. along the way, we were chatting and getting to know each other and they found out that i am a christian. but what struck me was at the end of the conversation, after i've helped them carried the souvenir bags onto the plane is that both of them felt so happie and grateful for my act of kindness and before bidding me farewell, they wished me GOD BLESS YOU. i was shocked! i would never thought that 2 malay aunties who are muslims would actually say that. i did not know if my act of kindness impacted them but i guess GOD does work in miraculous ways and i have definately showed them so GOD-filled LOVE!

Lesson of the day: Be initiative in showing love and kindness. even in the little things, be initiative and God will work from there!

Challenge of the day: Have you helped someone to carry their luggage before? do it when you travel!

Did a random act of kindness? comment to me and let me know! :)

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.


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